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I mentioned to a friend of mine about a month ago that I constantly needed to clear my throat, and her response to me was, “what truth are you not speaking?”

Great question!

So, this has inspired me to start regularly sharing my poetry… No matter how “bad” I may judge it to be. This exercise will help me to just play.

I think playing and having fun is the essence of living. I watch my five year plat, and he is really in his element. Nothing else matters. He is thrilled with what he creates with a few cardboard boxes, scissors and masking tape! And does it look like a masterpiece? Well, to him, it is! His smile is ear to ear explaining to me the parts of the cardboard house he has created. And I am blown away by his imagination pushed out.

So, I randomly searched a poem I wrote, and it is appears below.

I wrote the following on November 28, 2016 on my way to work commuting on the GO Train.


Bouncing my butt as the train roars toward Union Station
Listening to Deepak Chopra

The train light is very bright
So I decide to keep my eyes open
Writing this poem
In MY Keep

My neck still feels strain or pain when I turn it
My back is feeling stiffness

I want to stretch
I want to sleep

Yet, I have felt better wakefulness this last week despite the poor eating choices

The lady next to me has a travel pillow she is leaning and resting against.

Seems we all still should be sleeping

It is dark outside at 6:40 am.


It has been interesting to watch and observe myself making choices that lead me to a body or state that I wish to avoid.

Let me show what I mean.

On Friday evening I ate until about 12:22 am… loving the custard desserts my sister had gotten me for my birthday.

I ate almost all the apple wood smoked bacon chips from Metro, yet I did not like the taste of it.

It is now 4:29 PM

leaving Pickering

listening to a guided eating meditation

The back of my thighs are numb and sore from sitting.

My eyes are sore.

My right eye is sore…

dissolving a mini chocolate and Werther’s in my mouth.

Ah, yes, I want to write about “what would happen if…”

1. I put 75% of the money I currently spend on junk food in a tax free savings account for one year? For five years?

2. If I skipped eating junk food except for birthdays and parties, how would that change my life?


Bouncing butt

Bouncing butt

Time to get off now

Walk home

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