April Best Breath Ever Experiment 2018 Report

Hello May Flower!

How are you enjoying the  beautiful sunshine and rain?

I have many hopes or a great May there are 30 days months to enjoy and truly fill up with what I want. What are you wanting to accomplish this spring?

I have many things in store, but I know that the trick is to focus on one thing at a time.  Let’s start with the April Report.

April Report

It seems that April passed by just too quickly. However, I know that this is the way life is. There are many challenges in April. I loved so much of it. There were so many surprises and challenges for growth. There are many pressures that provided me opportunity to become stronger and wiser.

So what happened?

It started off with welcoming a new pet into our family.  Welcome Theodore!

I knew I had a lot of expectations for April. One thing that I did not specifically do this past month that is was that I did not write down my goals it and sign my name. I did, however, type some up and set myself a daily reminder. I’ll just call it a “catch-up” month.

April was a busy month. My mother-in-law came to help us watch the kids while my husband and I attended a weekend conference. I knew that it was my parents going away to China so that they wouldn’t be able to help us. It was also my son’s birthday, and it was also Autism Awareness Month. It was time to start spring cleaning…

With all that was going on, I consciously decided to let some things go.

As it has already been four months since I originally set up this 2018 challenge of not consuming processed sugars and refined flours, I want to remember why I wanted to do this in the first place back in 2017.

I wanted to experiment with avoiding processed sugars and refined flours to note what blockages, triumphs and other learning. I wanted to note how I felt, how my body would change, if I would still have cravings, etc.  My hypothesis was that I would naturally slim down, crave carbs intensely in the beginning, have better focus and softer skin.

Well, I think for the first two weeks, and even the first month proved to be what I thought.  However, I discovered:

  1.  I would eat allowables (I just made up that word 😉 to much greater extent and still feel that I was missing something.  In the beginning, I found myself eating a lot more nuts and dried fruit.
  2. Processed Sugar is easy to avoid than refined flours.  That is to say, pastries, candies, jams are easier to avoid than breads and pasta.
  3. It is easier to stick with the goal/intention when I am prepared and not tired.
  4. Going out to eat is tricky especially if it’s a Chinese restaurant.  Forget about going out for pizza.
  5. Once compromised, it’s easier to make more compromises.  In the beginning of April, after seeing a TCM doctor, I brought my son to eat a late lunch with my parents and sister.  It felt really weird not to partake especially in some delicious eggplant (why do they make it with sugar and flours??) Of course I didn’t officially know the ingredients, but I could taste the sweetness.  I have a pretty good idea of how restaurant food is made.
  6. It’s harder to refuse food made with love especially for me.  One of my friends made some delicious and nutritious apple muffins for my daughter and me not realizing I included whole wheat ground flour (unless it is sprouted) as a refined flour.  She had such great intentions, so I decided to have some.  It’s better to express gratitude and enjoyment in this case.  Also, my mother-in-law also made us pâté chez moi (some call it pâté chinois – or in English, shepherd’s pie) as well as lasagna during her stay with us, so I ate them too.
  7. When there is no immediate consequence or pain, it’s easier to  fall into the trap of immediate pleasure.  I need better accountability…

Goals for May

  • Open up myself to be accountable to my daughter.  The Consequence will be $50 per infraction unless previously arranged.  For example, when I go to the wilderness, I will not be obliged (held accountable) to avoid processed sugar and refined flours.
  • Add in functional outdoor exercise
  • Eat presently and in peace – so this means, not while working, playing or watching videos
  • Continue noting down my discoveries
  • Complete at least half my of upcoming book on health and happiness
  • Further my personal coach training

Wow, that is a handful!  But if it is just one thing from the above I accomplish, I think I would choose to give up eating while doing other activities because it would help me focus on the task at hand.  As well, I would be able to practice mindful eating.

What are your goals for May?  It is going to be a month of sunshine and rain.  It is a month that will race right by unless you seize it in your hand.  Give yourself the gift of dreaming.  Let me know by leaving your comment below.  Reach out if you want to have a conversation.

Until next time, have fun!


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