April Birthday and Awareness

Hello April Rainbow!

There has been lots of rain, sun and wind this month. What has been the highlight for you?

April is a very busy month for me. It is Autism Awareness month, Earth day month and my son’s birthday.

While talking an evening walk with Remy, I realised that not only was he turning thirteen this year, but that this April also marked the tenth year anniversary of receiving his diagnosis. 

Wow. It has been ten years living with autism. It has been ten years of me swimming in the fields of nutrition and personal development. It has been ten years of cleaning up barf, urine, spit, feces, and other messes. It has also been ten years of soul searching, healing, learning and growth.

How do I help my child be independent? 

I humbly thank you, my friends (and kind strangers) and family who have been supportive of our journey. Thank you for continued support and prayers for Remy.

As I blow you May flower kisses, I am going to share my birthday letter to Remy below.

With love and deep gratitude,

April 2019
Dear Remy,
Thank you for being yourself.


️Through being you, you have blessed me with many challenges that have caused me to grow.

Do you realise that last Summer you reached then surpassed my height? In this past year you have shed over twenty pounds yet have shot up in height several inches. In the past six months or so you have been using and getting more proficient at LAMP. I love hearing you ask for what you want. 

I love how you use the LAMP to respond to me when I ask, “what do you want?” Or “how do you feel?” I love that you can choose the appropriate words then make it “speak” for you. 

The things you frequently ask for are: cupcake, chocolate, cookie, chips, eat more, water… More recently you have also asked for hot pizza, cauliflower, sleep and bathroom. What I really appreciate about the bathroom request was that you got up right away to go 🙂 

You are AWESOME, Remy! 

Here’s what I am wishing for you:
– You are able to speak 

– You can take a walk independently and come home safely

– You can read and write

– You can tell jokes

– You can make your bed

– You can independently do laundry

– You can use the toilet neatly and whenever you need

– You can take care of your personal hygeine

– You can make good friends

– You can drive

– You can make money

– You contribute

I love your smile and positive attitude toward life, Remy. I admire your courage and willingness to be better. I appreciate you running into the kitchen to help me with dishes as soon as you hear the water run and the clangs of plates and cutlery.

Remy, you are AWESOME! Happy birthday 


Love and thanks,

Mommy Kim

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