My Journey Back to Sheffield MA

What a journey it has been. I arrived here Sunday evening after a little over 8 hours of being on the road. My eye was screaming to shut (it is still tell me that now) and to sleep, but I had made it back to serenity, tall wise trees, calming mini waterfall, crisp air and […]

Re-Learning Math

Kim Sit Wed, May 29, 2019 Hello Sunshine! I know it is cloudy today, but I know the sun is always shining even of there is temporary gray matter partially shading the Earth 🙂A few days ago I came across a really exciting video about re-learning math!!  Are you a math lover?  Are you a […]

Are You Hurting Yourself?

Hello Sunshine, Have you ever witnessed someone repeatedly causing harm to him or herself?   When I was first getting to know the world and community of caregivers for children with autism, I was very grateful that my son was not a self-injurious type.  I heard stories of from other parents who had to put […]

Wisdom From a Vibrant 92 Year Old: One Thing at a Time

Sunday was my grandmother’s funeral.  During the funeral, many thoughts vied for my attention.  Some thoughts included: “That casket looks like a shiny mahogany piano!”“I wonder how much all this costs.”“That lady has a really nice French Braid; I wonder if she braided it herself.”“My family members all look so worn.  I must look older […]

My Gramma’s Passing

Hello, my friend! How are you today? In this blog post, I want to share with you some of my feelings about life. My grandmother exited the physical this morning.  She had been literally withering away for quite some time, so her passing relieves her from anymore suffering.  I am really grateful to my family […]

April Birthday and Awareness

Hello April Rainbow! There has been lots of rain, sun and wind this month. What has been the highlight for you? April is a very busy month for me. It is Autism Awareness month, Earth day month and my son’s birthday. While talking an evening walk with Remy, I realised that not only was he […]

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