Medical Medium Cleanse Day 2 Enjoy Fruit

Hello! I’m already on Day 2 of the Medical Medium 28 Day Cleanse where I basically eat raw fruits and vegetables.  Yesterday was pretty easy going.  I didn’t feel much hunger, and when I did experience hunger, it was easily satisfied with fresh fruits and veggies (and one cooked beet). Today I want to talk […]

Medical Medium 28 Day Cleanse Experiment

Listen to “ep 20 Medical Medium 28 Cleanse day 1” on Spreaker. Hello Sunshine! As the weather is clearly warming up to being hot every day, the plants are definitely thriving outside. The dirt is circulating in our home with the windows open, and my family is craving for something cold and full of water […]

March 2018 Best Breath Ever Report

Hello dear reader! Thank you for joining me again for yet another Best Breath Ever Report. What a month March was! Can you believe it is already Spring? Are you feeling the sun, seeing more light and craving clearing and cleaning your space? I sure am! Summary of my Best Breath Ever Experiment 2018: I […]

AM Thoughts Commuting in the Dark

Hello Cherished Reader, Thank you for popping by today! I mentioned to a friend of mine about a month ago that I constantly needed to clear my throat, and her response to me was, “what truth are you not speaking?” Great question! So, this has inspired me to start regularly sharing my poetry… No matter […]