Self sabotage

July 11, 2014

Hello!  Well, guess what?  I did not flow through with my intentions for today… Breakfast and lunch were fine and even getting to super just after 3 hours following lunch was fine, but when I found out that I had gone over my one hour mark for eating supper (lots of interruptions with children and […]

Day 5 of 21 snack free days

July 10, 2014

Well, today was a bit challenging but got through it without snacking! I said ‘no’ a few times which empowered me 🙂 I had a later lunch that lasted a full hour sharing my veggies and sprouted sunflower dip with my friend Gabrielle.  She liked it so much that it has inspired me to write […]

Day 4 of 21 snack free days

July 9, 2014

Another day with at least 3 hours between meals and no eating after 6:30 pm.  Now, I did notice myself extending and increasing the amount of helpings and “dessert” for supper.  I will accept it for today, but in future I am going to limit it to seconds.   For the time being I am […]

Day 3 of 21 snack free days

July 8, 2014

Yes! Another day, another victory 🙂 Got up to the sounds of a rain storm. I didn’t feel like having a green smoothie or fruit like I normally did so opted for a more substantial: leftover rice and vegetable Thai curry.  Had lunch from 12:45 to 1:15 so I knew my supper would be after […]

Day 2 of 21 snack free days

July 7, 2014

Hello! Happy Sunday 🙂  Today I had a relaxing meditative  workout pulling out weeds at my friend’s organic farm Turtleback hollow. It was a super weeding party. As I was weeding, I realised that it may be difficult to even find the treasured plant (like the hidden grapevine or raspberry canes) when so many weeds […]

Back to “fit for life”

July 6, 2014

After yo-yoing for so long, I have decided to go back to an eating routine that served me. Once I was in the habit of eating a certain way, it was not difficult to just keep going and reaping the health rewards. Today I accomplished three meals without snacking!  In the next 21 days, I […]