40 Life Lessons and thoughts

December 10, 2017

Hello! Thank you very much for joining me today for another post. Recently, I turned the nice human age of… 40!  Wow!  So, I wrote up 40 random life lessons and thoughts with you. I hope that you will also find value and ask yourself what lessons and beliefs you have come to discover in […]

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving 2017

October 10, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving Monday to my fellow Canadian friends and family! What a hot month September was, and what a beautiful warm October it has been so far. It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving weekend in Canada has already come and gone, and it’s only October 9th!  But that is the beauty… it doesn’t matter when […]

Why do we overeat and snack at night?

Greetings, joyful August! It’s CHOOSEday, and thank you for tuning in for another post. Today’s topic is this question: Why do you snack at night if you know it’s not beneficial? In fact, you know it’s a key factor in being overweight or fat, so why do you do it? As I have gotten older, […]

Vitamin L

Greetings August Heat Wave! Here is a question from Fancy Nancy: “Hi Kim! It’s Chooseday! … Can you speak about vitamins. If u r eating well why should one take them? What is eating well? How can one tell if we get all the norishment in our day?” Nancy, these are excellent questions! Although I […]

3 ways to cut down on picnic garbage

Hello, dear friend! Thank you for joining me for another blog post. Yesterday I had the great pleasure of driving down to the lake near my home at 7:40 AM. I was very grateful for the chance, so I seized it! There were birds, cool lakeside breeze, mild sunlight on the eastside, hardly anyone else […]