Medical Medium 28 Day Cleanse Experiment

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Hello Sunshine!

As the weather is clearly warming up to being hot every day, the plants are definitely thriving outside. The dirt is circulating in our home with the windows open, and my family is craving for something cold and full of water to quench the thirst and heat.

Every Spring and (and often Fall), I will do some kind of cleanse or deeper detox. Yes, we clean every day, but during the winter, things are usually stored outside for a Spring pick-up. We just need a deeper clean to feel better, breathe better and live better.

Nature does this all the time. First it rains, then it is nice and sunny out, the water dries leaving a clean feeling in the air and on the land.

So, this year I have decided to experiment with the Medical Medium 28 day Cleanse. Now, whether or not I go exactly as planned for 28 full days, that will be determined by how my body feels.

If you have followed me in the last few months, you will have heard me mention The Medical Medium, Anthony William. He’s been blessed with a gift of being able to read physical bodies searching for ailments. He says he gets his information from Spirit, an outside voice that only he can hear, who tells him accurately a person’s ailments. Spirit, through Anthony William, otherwise known as the Medical Medium, educates people about mystery illnesses and how to get better.

Anthony is not a doctor nor is he medically trained; however, according to him, he has been able to help hundreds of thousands of people including famous celebrities such as Gwyneth Palthrow and Naomi Campbell.

I have read a lot of books, online articles, watched videos, listened to podcasts related to health and well-being, and usually there are agreements about what is causing what ailments.

I was referred to a friend about Anthony’s book because there was a section on ADHD and Autism in it. I started off reading two of his later books titled Thyroid Healing and Life-Changing Foods. I only briefly read Life-Changing Foods, and I didn’t think too much about how different it was from other food books I had read. Eat fresh fruits and veggies to be healthy. Well, it wasn’t until I read into Thyroid Healing that my eyes and body were eager to read and understand more of what Anthony was saying.

He shed light on cancer, autoimmune disease, gout, gut health, eye health, migraines, and so much more in a very different way. The way I had understood these illnesses was greatly challenged by what I learned in Medical Medium. Of course, it is fine to be cautious of the information as every person is biologically individual. I always remind myself to be responsible for my own actions.

I won’t dive too much into what the Medical Medium says about mystery illnesses because today I want to talk about this 28 day cleanse.

The plan from page 305 of his book Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal, is to eat just raw fruits and vegetables for 4 weeks.

That doesn’t sound so weird if you are familiar with a raw vegan diet. The year prior to being pregnant with my younger son, I actually followed a mostly raw vegan diet, and I felt incredible! My weight was about 138 pounds… which I would like to again to be at, my clarity was strong, and my skin nice too.

So, why do I want to do this 28 day cleanse?

– It’s like cleaning out the pipes of my home. It’s giving my body a deeper clean so that things run more smoothly. I was giving my kitchen a deep clean last year, and I was actually able to spell out my husband’s name on the top of the cupboards while scraping off the accumulated grease!
– Instead of needing emergency clean out of a clogged tube, drain, I prefer to clean now
– I will experience lightness
– I love my body, my family – the best thing I can give my kids is not money; it’s a healthy parent who is able bodied
– I have noticed my eyes are not so bright and I have gotten more fat. I actually see myself looking like a kiss candy overflowing. I have also experienced dispersed focus, memory challenge (what did I come here for?), getting distracted easily and forgetting what I was doing before the interruption.
– I want to have clarity, focus, energy, vibrancy and fun

When does it start? Today! May 28th. Here are the game rules:

1. Give myself an 8 hour eating period during the day – so 16 hours of fasting – this is one popular method of intermittent fasting
2. Eating only fruits and vegetables 80 per cent of the time
3. Eat sitting down
4. Drink lots of water
5. Evaluate how I feel and what I would alter day by day

If you want to join in, please go ahead and check out, speak with your health care professional if you are considering a cleanse. Take responsible for your health and happiness. How do you like to clean out in the Spring time? What happens when you don’t clean?

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Be happy and have fun!


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