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I’m already on Day 2 of the Medical Medium 28 Day Cleanse where I basically eat raw fruits and vegetables.  Yesterday was pretty easy going.  I didn’t feel much hunger, and when I did experience hunger, it was easily satisfied with fresh fruits and veggies (and one cooked beet).

Today I want to talk about fruit.

Are you afraid of fruit?  Do you love fruit?

Personally, I adore fruit!  I especially love exotic fruit from the tropics.  I was born in Southern China, and I remember as a young child always wanting lychees, mangoes, guava and sugarcane.  When I lived in Mexico, I would gorge on watermelon, cantaloupe, mangoes, different kinds of bananas, papaya (oh, how I LOVE sweet ripe raw papaya!), citrus fruits, melons… Fruit is so delightful!  I recall being in the market the first time and I smelled the sweetest most exotic scent so soft yellow guavas… I seriously followed my nose!

So, what’s the problem with fruit?

A huge part of healing our son’s autism was to heal his “leaky gut” which involved removing as much starch and sugar as possible from his diet.  No starches meant removing pasta, bread, white potatoes, rice, grains, big beans, etc.  Secondly, no fruit except for sour green apples and lemon.  This meant no bananas, no berries, no oranges, no mangoes, no lychees, no melons… poor guy, but that was what we learned we had to do to stop the candida overgrowth that was linked to his controllable laughter whenever he needed to go for a bowel movement.

He lost a lot of weight on this SCD/GAPS (Specific Carbohydrate Diet/Gut and Pyschology Syndrome) diet, but his gas was still stinky and he didn’t seem very happy.  We were hoping for more improvements such as verbal language.

Fast forward to present day, I have been giving him fruits, and he loves them!  And now since reading the Medical Medium’s perspective of fruit, I also psychologically feel better about giving him (and my other kids) fruit.

Why is there Fruit Fear?

In recent years, sugar has been picked out as a problem for people getting obese and other diseases related to excess processed sugar consumption.  As fruit contains sugar, it was the next thing to be shunned.

I love the analogies that Anthony William uses to teach about the way we see things.  For example, in the chapter Fruit Fear from his book Medical Medium:  Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal, he asks the reader if water is the same wherever it is found.  For example, is the water from a clean spring the same as the water in a toilet bowl?  Is the water in the toilet bowl the same as muddy water?  Would you drink from either of these places?  So, sugar in processed candies, pastries and pizza is not the same kind of sugar in natural fruit.

In the past, I have also read that fruit is not what it used to be.  Fruit used to be very difficult to come by.  Some opinions about why we should avoid fruit are:

  • It contains high amounts of sugar which will in turn make you fat.
  • It is hybridized.
  • Fruit is not good nor nutritious if it has picked unripe and then shipped to where you are.
  • You should not eat fruit that is not local or seasonal to where you are.

Anthony addresses these beliefs:

  • Pizza contains more sugar than fruit, and the sugar quality is not the same in processed foods as it is in naturally grown raw fruit.  “Fruit does not have that much sugar in it.  Fruits are made up of living water, minerals, vitamins, protein, fat, other nutrients, pulp, fiber, antioxidants, pectin – and just a fraction of sugar.” (Page 291)
  • Hybridization of fruit has been done for thousands of years.  Although heirlooms are more nutritious, hybridized fruit are still powerful for fight disease.  Hybridization is not to be confused with genetic modification.
  • The upper classes and royalty used to thrive from fruit that was transported from another region where fruit was in season.  The fruit is always in season somewhere in the world.  So, it is worth getting fruit that is transported if it is not available in your local region.
  • If a fruit is truly picked early, it would never ripen and you wouldn’t find it edible.  This doesn’t work for all fruits, but mangoes, bananas can be picked before they are ripe to be transported to you.

What is great about fruit?

  • Eating fruit improves your longevity
  • Fruit is anti-disease
  • Fruit is loaded with antioxidants to fight off aging and oxidation
  • Wild blueberries are wonderful!
  • Fruits are truly easy and fast to prepare for eating
  • They taste delicious
  • They contain living water, minerals, vitamins, fiber and good sugar

So now that you’ve reconsidered the benefits of eating fruit, how will you use this information?  What is your favourite fruit?  How do you like to eat it?

Thank you again for joining me!

Until next time, have fun!


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