Nothing after 6:30 pm

August 11, 2014

Hello my fitness friends 🙂 Well, today is did a weigh in this morning, and came to a reading of 160 pounds.  I think I will start a rule to add with my fruit until noon rule since I pretty much have that under control. The next boundary is to stop eating by 6:30 pm. […]

Fruitful mornings: day 4

July 25, 2014

Well, it has been actually more like week 3 of having only fruit (raw greens and herbal tea okay) until noon, but it is an officially day 4 🙂 since I started counting only this Monday. So far so good. Just mastering this one habit is a lot easier than having a lot if restrictions […]

21 Fruitful mornings

July 21, 2014

Welcome to my saga of being snack free. I am having hiccups along the way, and am constantly finding a way to get over them. So far I have been successful being snack free Monday to Thursday. When Thursday comes I get into more of a survival mode. My husband notices that Thursdays are also […]