Week 2: Motivation for being 25 pounds lighter, tighter and brighter

January 13, 2014

It’s 10:04 PM as I am writing this, and I am tired and in need of sleep, but I wanted to type out what I’ve been doing these last few days during this Week 2 of my 25 Pounds Lighter, Tighter and Brighter in 5 Months Challenges.

I have been doing great during the day from morning until after work.  Typically I would come come and then eat supper.  By that time I’m feeling like I could just unwind.

Of course when I am home I am greeted by my very excited baby (he’s actually a toddler now) screeching for me.  I do not eat in peace.  My daughter will be singing or banging while the baby is crying, running around or throwing food.  On the occasion, he is also seated and eating.  Needless to say, I would prefer a more quiet and tranquil setting for enjoying my supper.  I would like to eat slowly, savouring every bite, chewing my food until it becomes a slurry in my mouth and down my oesophagus into my belly.  So, what do I do?

Here’s an update of the incremental changes I’ve started implementing:
Since Sunday January 5:
– listening to Steve G. Jone’s omnilimial for weight loss (a daytime hypnosis recording)
– listening to Dr. Amen while in the car
– reading Dr. Amen while I have time

Since Tuesday January 7:
– been taking Life Long Vitality

What do I want to change?  What do I want?  What will being 25 pounds lighter, tighter and brighter do for me?

I want to be a healthy example to my children.  I want to be healthy and happy in order to help them grow up being responsible and resilient people.  My son needs a competent, strong and healthy mother in order to help him recover and reach his potential.

I want to be a healthy, fun and active grandmother and even great grandmother.  I want to inspire the planet to be healthy and alive!  
 Reaching this goal will set me up for success in reaching subsequent goals.  I want to motivate friends and family to take responsibility for their own health – and they can use me as inspiration and encouragement.  I am a health coach who leads by example!  The world will be a better place if I contribute one healthier person to it 🙂
Thank you so much for reading this post! Please feel free to share it if you feel inspired to do so.
Next week I delve into the topic of eating habits.
Seize your day!

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