What is your favourite day?

January 15, 2017

I was eating lunch on Tuesday in the PATH, and a friend passed by as she was cleaning out garbage cans.  We exchanged our usual “Como estas?” then we chatted a bit about how our day was going.  

Grateful to God for her blessings, she commented, in the noisiness of the PATH, that the next day, Wednesday, would be a better day.  I chuckled as I took a sip of my soup from my thermal container. 

 “Wednesday is the longest day of the week,” I commented in Spanish. The noisiness of the underground area  made it difficult to hear and understand what the other was saying, so I repeated in English that spelling out the words “Monday”, “Tuesday”, “Wednesday”, etc, Wednesday contained the most letters, therefore the longest day of the week. The joke was also valid in French and Spanish.
Joking aside, I asked her what made Wednesday her favourite day. “Well,” she began, “when it is Wednesday, there are only two more days to go…” 

Then I asked, “so you are looking forward to the weekend. Then, wouldn’t Saturday or Sunday be your favourite day?”

“No,” she responded. “I never sleep well on Sunday because I don’t look forward to the next day.”

I continued with my soup as I had only a few minutes before returning to work.

“And you? What is your favourite day?”

Without hesitation, I replied with sincerity and a smile, “hoy. Today is my favourite day.”


“Today. It doesn’t matter what day of the week,” I explained. “Today, this very day is what I have right now. So today is my favourite day. Today is the only time that exists, so I must be present to enjoy it.”

We both smiled and agreed that it was true, though she still preferred Wednesdays.

Do you have a favourite day of the week? Many people declare that Friday is the best day. The customer ambassador on my going to work commuter train, Tom, always exclaims, “… And it’s FRIday!” There is even a commonly known acronym: TGIF; do you know what it stands for?

I get why so many people love Friday. Me too, I am very relieved that it is the end of a work week, and I get to do what I love on he weekend like playing with my kids, buying/growing food, preparing food (yes, I love food, don’t you?!), and cleaning.

I met a new friend just yesterday, Friday, and she commented that she wished every day were Friday.

I found that very interesting. I wasn’t even sure I believed that she was actually meant that.

If every day were Friday, then how would we know what day it is? How could we look forward to a weekend if there is only one day in a week?

I think what she meant was that she wished she could have the great feelings (mood and mindset) she experiences on Fridays every day.

Thinking of this now, it is very interesting how people’s reactions are when I ask them in the morning, “how are you?” Most people say “good good” while others depending on the day of the week, will be borderline depressed/ full of dread to excited.

A few years ago, I started giving an adjective for each day if the week I was writing in my journal. For example, I coined “Happy CHOOSEday” for greeting people on Tuesdays. “Magical” or “Magificent Monday” or “happy Monday of Miracles”. 

To me, every day of the week can be enjoyed and appreciated.

What’s your favourite day?

Thanks for reading, and make yourself a great day!! ??☃


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